Count me as every citizen (Kontem tankou tout sitwayen)


Kids playing at Municipal Palace of Delmas

This Sunday, June 10, nearly 3,000 children from all over the country celebrated “The National Day of the Haitian Child”. The kids converged on the Delmas Municipal Palace to take part in the festivities. Early in the morning, dozens of buses dropped off the children, one could read impatience in their eyes, they did not want to stay in the ranks. The right to leisure is a right guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This day is the culmination of the Children’s Week, organized by the Institute of Social Welfare and Research (IBESR), with the support of partners including UNICEF.

Port-au-Prince, June 11, 2018- The municipal palace of Delmas, was dressed in his best clothes to receive children: bouncy castles, trampolines, slides, rockers; a large stand to receive the children’s performance, all decorated with multicolored balloons. Children of all ages, with t-shirts sporting the theme of the day, ran in all directions. An improvised football match was very successful.

The children danced, jumped and played together. They wanted to enjoy this day that was devoted to them. Speakers broadcast music on children’s rights. On the stand, there were talent competitions, several children, sang songs that made the assistants vibrate.

“I am very happy to be here. I think it is important to celebrate the rights of children by involving them. These children have fun and run in all directions, many are not used to using these games. Because their family situation is very difficult, “says a 16-year-old.

Strengthen children’s rights

A young girl singing

Mrs. Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin, Executive Director of IBESR, the hoarse voice, so much she sang, thanked everyone who came to participate in this celebration, mainly children. “It is a day of hope and promise in accordance with the theme chosen: Count me, like any citizen. By this theme children claim their rights, they ask that they be valued within society, they have a place in the construction of the country, “she said.

She emphasized the importance of allowing children to celebrate and have a special time for them. “This moment allows them to forget, for a moment, the sorrows and the problems they experience daily,” she said.

Mrs. Villedrouin made a solemn appeal to all sectors of society: parents, government officials, politicians, educators, to think and work so that all these children have a chance of success in life.

The National Haitian Child Week was rich in events promoting the rights of the child. A press conference with teenagers opened the week, there was a children’s fair with exhibitions of the main partners of the IBESR, conference-debate at the local institution. The National Day of the Haitian Child was instituted in 1960.