Protection - Unicef- Raphael was two months old when he was found by the Sisters

Raphael, a little northeastern boy, thrives and grows

As soon as she goes on a mission to Ouanaminthe, in the Northeast, our colleague of the Child Protection section, Géraldine Alferis takes the opportunity to visit Raphael. Let her explain the story of the child.

Unicef-Protection- On the picture, Raphael is 10 months old.

On the picture, Raphael is 10 months old.

Raphael is a one-year-old boy who was recovered by the Sisters of Saint Jean the Evangelist, our partner in the northeast of the country in the border town of Ouanaminthe when he was just 2 months old.

The toddler was abandoned by his mother because he was very ill at the time.

A UNICEF-funded project allows the Sisters of Saint Jean to welcome and assist unaccompanied children who have returned from the Dominican Republic.

When the Sisters fostered the child, they named him Raphael and did all the medical follow-up with him so that he could become that happy child that you can observe today in these pictures.

In December 2016, the Sisters of Saint Jean inaugurated a new transit area for vulnerable children and women, with the support of the Catholic Church in Colombia and other donors, including UNICEF, which contributed to the development of the dormitory and spaces for children.

”Raphael is a little angel 

Protection- UNICEF- Raphael, one year old during Geraldine’s last visit in March.

Raphael, one year old during Geraldine’s last visit in March.

His health remains very fragile, you have to be attentive all the time,” says one of the Sisters. ” Raphael carries a joy of living that he communicates to all persons that meet him. He’s a real little angel.

In 2016, 859[1] unaccompanied children from the Dominican Republic have been identified by agents of the IBESR and child protection actors at the different border points. They are supported by UNICEF and its partners and held in transit centers pending family reunification.


Géraldine Alféris,

Child Protection Specialist,



[1] Source : Section Protection de l’Enfance-UNICEF Haïti, 6 avril 2017

Protection UNICEF- The children's center of the Sisters of Saint Jean in Ouanaminthe

The children’s center of the Sisters of Saint Jean in Ouanaminthe.

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