Mother’s portrait

Vanessa Excellent Jean

In order to celebrate Breastfeeding Week, Vanessa Excellent Jean (UNICEF Haiti) tells us the importance of maternal milk for the child.

Hello Vanessa, tell us who you are.

I am Vanessa Excellent Jean and I am Executive assistant at UNICEF. I am the mother of an adorable 10 month’s old little boy and I am proud to be her mother.

What being a mother represent for you?

Being mother means above all detaching your heart and being able to bear it with oneself, also seeing growing one’s heart and being able to see beating one’s heart. To be a mother is being there for someone without expecting anything in return. To be a mother is protecting her child, cherishing it and giving a lot of love to a little being who only asks for that, being always there for him.

I remember when I was carrying my son I was not able to see him but already I loved him. I could communicate with him and I could hear his small heartbeats by going to the hospital and when he kicked me I could tell him “be careful, Mom is tired!” Becoming a Mom is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me.

Vanessa breastfeeding his son during a radio show

What importance breastfeeding your child had for you?

Breastfeeding is capital! If you want to get a healthy child in good shape you have to breastfeed him. Myself, I fed my son during 6 months by giving him only maternal milk. My son is never ill, he is never irritable and he is developing himself very well. He grows up and his growth is tremendous: he is so healthy.

What would you advise mothers to breastfeed their child?

It is simpler, it’s safer, it brings more safety and it is fully advantageous for the child, without any side effects. It is not an industrial manufactured or crafted product, it has no chance to be contaminated. Furthermore, the child won’t develop allergies with breast milk. It won’t be easy at the beginning, but with willingness and a pshychological support from your companion and your relatives you’ll do it.

It is also more economical and it helps to appease the budget of families. It is more beneficial for the child who will draw from his mother everything he needs, he can grow and flourish totally, filled with love.

Interviewed by Maxime LEVY

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