Launch of the ” Journalistic Practical Guide: Promoting Children’s Rights in Haitian Media ”

Jacques Desrosiers, presenting the Guide. ( Photo Credit, J.J. Augustin)

Journalists can generate debate around the topics that shake society. They can move the lines. About children, there are many issues, we can talk about children who are not in school, access to health care, children in conflict with the law. It is for this reason that the main partners of the Child Protection have developed a journalistic guide to facilitate the work of journalists in the treatment of information related to childhood.

Port-au-Prince, 10 May 2018- UNICEF, the International Labor Office (ILO), MINUJUSTH together with the Association of Haitian Journalists (AJH) and the Institute of Social Welfare and Research (IBESR) launched this Thursday, May 10, the “Journalistic Practical Guide: Promoting the Rights of Children in the Haitian Media”. The journalists were present in large numbers because they were the main interested parties.

Among other objectives; provide Haitian journalists with practical tools in the processing of information related to children; to ensure the effective and continuous promotion of the rights of the child in the Haitian press.

Mr. Jacques Desrosiers, Secretary General of the AJH, presented the main categories of the guide, designed in a practical way, and easy to use. The guide is divided into five main parts: ethics, legal framework, thematic fact sheets, fact sheets, main contacts to enable journalists to find resource persons in the processing of information related to childhood. “This book raises the issue of the rights of the child to achieve their respect and provide the necessary benchmarks, useful knowledge to those who are best placed to promote these rights: the journalists,” he said.

Promote children’s rights

Ms. Claudine Francois, ILO coordinator, a.i , welcomed the steps taken to “… harmonize reference documents for media involvement in issues around promoting and respecting the rights of the child. The guide will effectively reach public opinion and rally the greatest number to improving the health, well-being and protection of Haitian children. ”

“By my voice, the ILO in Haiti hopes that this guide will help you strengthen respect for the rights of our children, and that it will provide the right tools for a deeper engagement of each of you in your home institution. your community, “she told reporters.

Mrs. Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin, in her speech. ( Photo Credit, J.J. Augustin) 

Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin, IBESR’s Director General, said this “journalistic guide is a sign of hope for the future. The hope that with this tool a step forward is taken for the respect of the constitutional and legal norms of the protection of the childhood in Haiti “.

“This guide should be a compass for you to accompany you in your job as a journalist today and tomorrow. The attention and understanding we give to children depends on our future, the future of the country, “she said, making a solemn appeal to the media on National Children’s Day June 10, 2018, for a more active participation by giving priority to the voice of children.

Raoul de Torcy, Représentant adjoint de l’UNICEF, a souligné que le « guide met l’accent sur ce qui implique l’enfance et le journalisme. Nous avons jugé importants de rappeler certaines règles. Les règles journalistiques destinées à protéger les droits de l’enfant. Elles ne sont pas toujours connues de la profession, elles sont pourtant universelles ; droit à l’image, au respect de la vie privée, entre autres ».

Mr. Raoul de Torcy, Deputy Representative of UNICEF, stressed that the “guide focuses on what involves childhood and journalism. We thought it was important to recall certain rules. Journalistic rules designed to protect the rights of the child. They are not always known to the profession, yet they are universal; right to the image, the respect of the private life, among others “.

The Deputy Representative of UNICEF further stated that UNICEF wants to engage in a frank and constructive dialogue to place the rights of children in various sectors of society, including in the press and in the field of culture. The goal is to use all possible channels for the promotion of the rights of the child, including the press and art. “We want to create a synergy around the defense of children’s rights by mobilizing all the players in society. The defense of the rights of the child concerns everyone, “he said.

At the end of the ceremony, the renowned Haitian artist Jean Jean Roosevelt presented the album “Jean Jean des petits: Let’s train the citizens of tomorrow”. This album was made with the collaboration of UNICEF, the songs promote the respect of children’s rights.

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