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UNICEF: A year after Matthew

One year after Matthew passed over the country and ravaged the South and Grand’Anse, the affected people are still healing their wounds. But there are also visible signs that life is trying to resume its course

The State of the world Children 2016

What is the situation of children? It’s a question worth asking. And the launch of UNICEF 2016 report ‘The State of the World’s Children’ ‘is a good opportunity to ask it. This year, the title of the report ” A fair chance for every child ”, challenges us on the extent of work to do. This report focuses on the major challenges without forgetting to highlight progress.

Editorial of the End of the year

A pivotal and important year in the well-being and child survival is ending. In accordance with our mission, at UNICEF, we supported, along with the Haitian government and our key partners, a lot of activities that aim the welfare, development and survival of the child.

It would be impossible to summarize all the actions of UNICEF during this year, as we were on all fronts, however it should be noted the largest and most notable.

End Cholera in Haiti – A work in progress

Since 1 January 2015 it is estimated that cholera has killed 185 people in Haiti until 19th September 2015. Children, women and men whose death could have been avoided. Today more than ever before it is crucial to maintain and increase our efforts to move towards the control and elimination of cholera in Haiti.