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“We know that people expect a lot from us.”

Six months after the devastating landfall of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, Abner Dorvil, emergency officer, returns to the site. More than 2 million people were affected by the disaster, including 900,000 children. Abner was the first member of the UNICEF Haiti office to reach, not without difficulties, one of the most affected departments, Grand ‘Anse and to put in place the first responses to help children and their families.

Making sure the littlest patients recover quickly from acute diarrhea and cholera

Today we’ll take you to the Grand’Anse department to visit two acute diarrhea treatment centers (ADTC) with our UNICEF Emergency-Cholera and Monitoring-Evaluation specialists. This will give you the opportunity to meet young patients who only have one wish, to recover quickly so that they can get back to playing with their friends and return to school.