Entries by Jean Panel Fanfan

Official launch of National Child Week

As part of the National Children’s Day to be held on June 10, the leaders of the Institute of Social Welfare and Research (IBESR) launched the week of childhood. This year, the celebration will be organized by and for the children. They logically participated in the launch conference by putting their aspirations on the map. […]

Community involvement at the heart of access to drinking water

In remote areas of the country, access to safe drinking water can be a major challenge, considering the relief configuration and the availability of natural water sources. UNICEF, with funding from USAID, is implementing source capture and drinking water projects. Often community involvement is essential for the success of these projects. The locality of La […]

UNICEF builds capacity of MENFP executives

UNICEF supports the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) in the implementation of public education policies. This support also involves strengthening the capacities of senior MENFP staff to ensure greater efficiency in their interventions. It is in this context that UNICEF responded positively to the request of the General Inspectorate for technical and […]

UNICEF: Strengthen Nutrition for the well-being of children

UNICEF is one of the most important partners of the Haitian government in the field of Nutrition. Field interventions are carried out through several non-governmental partners, including the Foundation for the Development and Supervision of the Haitian Family (FONDEFH), which provides technical support to the Ministry of Health in the implementation of nutrition services. Port-au-Prince, […]

ACAT in Nirva a model of continuity

The locality of Nirva (Department of Centre) is one of the first to be declared “End of open defecation” (ODF). Since the committee “Community Approach to Total Sanitation (ACAT) is doing everything possible, between hygiene awareness and home visit, to allow the community to continue on this good start. Cholera has virtually disappeared in this […]