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Training Workshop on Education and Eradication of Child Labor

  “Education 2030 and the eradication of child labor”. This was the theme of the workshop organized at the International Training Center of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Turin (Italy) from 06 to 10 November 2017. The workshop brought together representatives from Burkina Faso, Comoros, Lebanon, Mali, Mauritania, Switzerland and Haiti, including the Director […]

Testimony: Short travel story following Hurricane Matthew

Among the scenes I observed during my visit to the four departments affected by Matthew, two of them were striking and remain deeply etched in my memory. The first is the sight of pieces of chalk drying in the sun in the courtyard of a school, almost completely destroyed, in the city of Roche à Bateau, one of the old beautiful cities of the south coast of Haiti, and now more than 95% destroyed.