Eliminating Cholera from Haiti – The last mile is the most difficult
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Eliminate cholera in Haiti by the rapid response teams
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UNICEF: Strengthen Nutrition for the well-being of children
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Camille Lacourt in Haiti believes donations can help.
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Eliminate cholera in Haiti by the rapid response teams

UNICEF Haiti works with its partners such Solidarités International to support the rapid response strategy of the Ministry of Public Health and Population in order to eliminate cholera with its rapid response teams. This is the story of Michel-Ange

UNICEF: Strengthen Nutrition for the well-being of children

UNICEF is one of the most important partners of the Haitian…

Timounyo is dedicated to all concerned with the situation of children in Haiti.

The blog’s ambition is to become a hub of discussion and information sharing on children’s situation, the progress made and the opportunities to enable them to enjoy their rights. It provides simple access to reliable and current data and information – with photos, videos and infographics – on children and the action carried out by UNICEF and its partners in Haiti. The blog is also a place for dialogue between professionals, the public and children.

Also and above all it is a tool to encourage the participation of children and young people of Haiti on the issues that concern them. In Timounyo, children have a dedicated space where they can interact with children around the world and share their videos, articles and drawings. As the most important individuals involved, the blog will aim to make the voices of children heard and their views taken into account.

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Child Protection

UNICEF contributes to building a better environment to assert the rights of children and women.


Economic factors combined with quasi-permanent sociopolitical instability are the principal factors that affect the Haitian education system.


In Haiti, the level of malnutrition contributes to increasing the risk of dying before the age of five.

Health Care

In Haiti, only 40 percent of children have regular access to the most basic health care services.

Water and Sanitation

The situation in relation to water and sanitation is highly unstable in Haiti, only 55% of households have access to an improved water source and 70% have basic toilets or none at all.


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